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Collina, Urugauy the birthplace of a refereeing legend!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 25, 2011

With our Argentinian entry visas running out in the next couple of weeks, we crossed the Rio Plata to Collina which is in Uruguay – an hour by boat from Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

Collina, not Colonia

We chose Collina as being fans of football, we assumed that this is the place to visit to see people with bulging eyes, bald heads and the birth place of a refereeing legend… Unfortunately, it’s Colonia and not Collina – a stupid mistake on my part though I feel it’s still worth a look at the great man!

Most tourists needing their visa extending head to Montevideo though as we’d already seen there whilst aboard Grande Francia, a good two months back now – we decided to head here, it’s also slightly closer and therefore a fraction cheaper.

We took the Buquebus which is essentially a hydrofoil type boat, return fare is approx £50 pp – don’t do as we do though and turn up 20 minutes before departure, the queues are nuts, at one stage we thought we’d miss our crossing though thankfully we boarded and within five minutes we were flying across the river.

On arrival, the girls were keen to hire a Golf Cart for the day, the boys quickly decided we were much too cool for that mode of transport so we set off on foot, looking for breakfast. Following breakfast, hamburgers and foot long hotdogs we set off exploring. The place is OK, certainly Montevideo has more of a vibe about it so head there if you’re looking for more of a buzz/things to do.

Colonia does have several beaches though the brown water of Rio Plata is less appealing so avoiding that we headed back to the old town and a little bar called Drugstore (we had high hopes that this place would have two menus…!) Alas, no! Bitterly disappointed we did end up spending the  whole afternoon there, it was nice, relaxed spot to chill out and spend several hours drinking wine, eating tapas and listening to a guy play guitar, thankfully no ‘stairway to heaven!’

A thoroughly chilled day out which made a nice change from the busyness of Buenos Aires – certainly worthwhile if you need to get your visa extended. If I go next time (or you do) stay for a couple of hours, head to the old town, grab lunch and take the next boat back!


One Response to “Collina, Urugauy the birthplace of a refereeing legend!”

  1. col said

    I am colin with a bald head… no googly eyes though…..

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