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We (might be) are sailing Part 2…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 18, 2011

At some point, we will need to leave South America and having arrived by ship I thought it would be a good idea to depart by ship.

A little research and several emails later, we’re considering the following trip:

The route is…

  • Callao
  • San Antonio
  • San Vicente
  • Callao
  • Buenaventura
  • Balboa
  • Caldera
  • Puerto Quetzal
  • Manzanillo, Mexico
  • Yokohama
  • Hong Kong
  • Chiwan
  • Ningbo
  • Shanghai

2 Responses to “We (might be) are sailing Part 2…”

  1. VD said

    ooh blimey, i tell you what, get your arses to Cambodia – Siem Reap for May 23rd to 27th and ill see you there.

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