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Starting to think about moving on from Buenos Aires…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 15, 2011

Since finishing our language course we’ve pretty much been treading water for the last 10 or so days and our thoughts are turning to moving on. At the moment, we’re tied into our apartment and our lease finishes on the 14th March. Shelley’s friend Rachel arrives this weekend along with her boyfriend – both are here for about a week before they then move on to Brasil for a week in Rio before heading back to London. We’re also aiming to get some tango under our belt, as learning Tango and Spanish were two of our main reasons for coming to Argentina.

Where next?

We’re not yet sure though by the 15th March we’ll have been in Buenos Aires for exactly three months which is exactly the amount of time our initial visa is for. Which means between now and the 15th March we need to leave the country so we can pick up a three-month visa extension. The easiest place to get to (and what everyone else does) is head to Montevideo though having already visited, whilst aboard Grande Francia, we’re kinda reluctant to head back so we’re currently toying with Colonia which is still in Uruguay though somewhere else to tick off!

Trying todo things slightly differently, see’s me advertising the following: 

Fun Couple, seek like minded individual for fun on the road 

We’re yet to get the desired result though one of the responses is from a chap called Juan (acrabatadelcamino, post #3.) Essentially, he’s an Argentinian chap who is currently hitch-hiking around the World on a budget of $5US per day – Juan’s also been on the road since 2005 and during this time he’s travelled through Europe, the Middle East including Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, Asia and is now in South America heading north – his website is here: 

It’s very inspiring and I’m still reading through – though I was shocked when I first saw his picture as he’s a ringer for Kev Atwood, an old friend of mine who lives in Plymouth, UK!


3 Responses to “Starting to think about moving on from Buenos Aires…”

  1. Andrew said

    Mate, consider checking out Punta del Diablo in Uruguay. It’s basically a little fishing village with beautiful beaches where the Argentines go to holiday. It would prob take most of the day to get there so only consider it if you fancied staying for a few days.

    • Hi Andy – great to hear from you and hope all is well on your side of the Planet.

      Thanks for the tip re Punta del Diablo, will def have a look and consider – timings are fine, guess leaving BsAs for several days isn’t going to be an issue. I was saying to Shelley, we’ve been away a total of four months now – one of which was being surrounded by ocean and I’m yet to go for a swim!

      Obviously the bath doesn’t count!

      Take care mate and keep in touch.

  2. How about Boliva, there are some great places to see up there but you would need to move around a bit. That´s not too bad by bus as the locals use the locals use the buses to transport goods.

    Love the website, they guy is crazy. I love that no matter what you do there is always someone else out there doing something bigger.


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