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Milonga’s and Secret Parrillas…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 9, 2011

La Milonga de Buenos Aires, Bme. Mitre 1759

Entrance to the Parrilla

Having received a very kind invite from Janis, Shelley and I visited our first Milonga here in Argentina. This was an afternoon Milonga and we arrived for five pm and the place was already very busy.

To be fair, it wasn’t what I thought it might have been – there was none of the ‘showy’ Tango which is what we’re accustomed to seeing in shows and on the TV. What we saw was very sensual dancing from very experienced Milonguras – Janis’s dancing partner was 82 and has been dancing the Tango for 70 years! It was a fantastic afternoon and Janis made us feel very welcome and gave us both so much information about the tango, the music and some of the history.

We’re now dead set on learning some Tango prior to our leaving Buenos Aires in six weeks time, I just hope we can learn the embrace and one or two moves – apparently in years gone by, young men would spend 2 years just watching people dance the tango, 2 years! Not sure how we’ll be after two weeks, but we’re both very much looking forward to dancing.

Following the tango we decided to check out a local’s favourite close to our apartment here in Palermo Hollywood – I can’t say too much about this place as it’s a locals secret.

What I will say though is that the food was excellent and we had a thoroughly good time there – maybe if you offer to take us for dinner, we might show you where it is…


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