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Horses for Course(s) and Birthday nights out!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on February 1, 2011

Yesterday saw the gang go horse racing at the Palermo Hipodromo, celebrating Bob’s birthday.

A thoroughly great evening ensued with everyone having a great time and the odd win or five! The race track is superb as are the stands – it’s also free to get in, I really recommend it as a night out though be warned, you cannot purchase alcohol there and I’m not sure if you can take your own supplies though I guess if you’re discreet you’ll be fine.

There were races every 30 minutes and placing a bet was straight forward – I literally picked a number and put $20 peso down – at one stage I was $250 peso’s up, though this was eclipsed by Thomas, who walked away with $460 pesos, every horse he picked won!

Simon’s (aka Tug’s,) are still running…

After a good couple of hours we left en-masse to a restaurant called ‘Kansas’ which overlooks the racetrack. It’s nice enough, all American fare, steaks, ribs, burgers etc. Unfortunately being such a large group saw us sat on two separate tables though following our meal we ended up at the bar drinking fernet cola before being ‘turfed’ out a little after 2am.

Skool, today, was very tough…

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One Response to “Horses for Course(s) and Birthday nights out!”

  1. jon said

    Have you sorted Tug yet?

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