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The Eagle (or Tug,) is about to Land

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on January 25, 2011

One  of  my good friends, Tug is about to arrive in the big bad city known as Buenos Aires.

Vodka Dave, on Caminito del Rey

He’s a good lad, his real name is Simon.

We call him Tug due to him being fully responsible for breaking the Grooms leg whilst away on Said Grooms’ stag in Andalucia Spain. Previously, we’d been in Spain completing the famous Caminito del Rey (Walk of the King) a famous walk if a little extreme and slightly illegal, near Malaga, Spain. 

However, for the Stag we were Sport Climbing and it was during one of Jon’s climbs (the Stag) that Tug (Wing/Brake Man) ‘tugged’ Jon off the face of the climb. Resulting in Jon breaking his leg, spoiling our night out and meaning that Jon went down the aisle on crutches and the nickname Tug was born.

The Groom still got plastered, though not the plastered we were hoping for.

The Groom and 'Tug'

However, he arrives this Thursday and it’ll be good to have him here in Argentina. As is the tradition, Jon and Vodka Dave saw him off in the usual tradition – a bit of free camping on the South Downs Way with plenty of Cock(ing) action…..

Cocking Fun

Here for a couple of weeks, before moving north to Bolivia – hasta pronto mi amigo!


3 Responses to “The Eagle (or Tug,) is about to Land”

  1. toogreytogrind said

    Not sure who this Simon “Tug”guy is but sounds like he is getting a hard time from you guys. TGTG

  2. jon said

    As the ‘said groom’ I can confirm Tug caused me to, break my leg, wed with one leg in plaster, cancel my honeymoon, and degrade my climbing grade allowing him, and the others, to catch up!!!!

  3. VD said

    Looking forward to seeing some proper adventure pix when Tug gets out there…..too many pix of steak and partying for my liking….get out there and climb, walk, run, cycle, cross borders with naughty things in yer back pocket.
    Good luck Si – enjoy it

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