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Don Julio, Guatemala 4691, esq Gurruchaga

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on January 15, 2011

Parrillia, Don Julio

Last night saw us visiting Parrilla Don Julio with our two friends, Camila and Thomas.

Located in Palermo, this family run Parrilla is superb and is definitely worth visiting. Arriving early, our friends were already seated and were enjoying a glass of champagne! Don Julio oozes quality, from the waiters polishing the wine glasses and the coals being tendered beneath the grill. The place very much has a relaxed though professional buzz throughout.

Don Julio has an excellent wine list, they have something like 120 wines on their list and we decided upon a very nice Patagonian 2009 Pinot Noir, Humberto Canal Estate and at $70 peso was delicious and certainly worth more! Throughout the restaurant are hundreds of signed empty wine bottles from previous happy customers.

We all ordered Bief, even Shelley!

Don Julio are very particular about the Bief they use and I read that they only use cattle fattened on country pastures and weighing up to 450kg. And all the better they are for it too – the food was spectacular, the kind that makes you smile inanely and in my case go cross-eyed and unable to speak!

Don Julio is definitely up there as one of my favourite Parrillas here in Buenos Aires, cost is slightly more though worth every penny.

Fully sated, we wandered into the Palermo night in search of a bar and Fernet Cola…


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