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Hotels by the Hour…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on January 8, 2011

Phone box

Like London, each and every phone box in Buenos Aires has calling cards, advertising ‘services’ for the discerning (and not so discerning) Gentleman. For couples however, Buenos Aires also has something like 150 hotels that can be rented by the hour, mostly used by courting couples – or those seeking a little discretion around their relationship!

These ‘hotels’ are known as Telos and are open 24/7 and come in a range of different styles and prices – want mirrors on the ceiling, fine, water-bed, check. jacuzzi, filming equipment can all be arranged…

Need a Hotel?




4 Responses to “Hotels by the Hour…”

  1. jon said

    Which one have you booked Si into?

  2. toogreytogrind said

    Si will not be staying in places like that, not on my budget.

  3. Jon Simpson said

    Apparently, the maids at most of these hotels are really at “polishing”!

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