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Gaucho Gut

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on January 4, 2011

Before anyone starts, Gaucho Gut is my term for the well-known phrase ‘Delhi Belly…’ and not because of the amount of Beef I’m consuming!

Since arriving in Buenos Aires I’ve suffered terribly with what is affectionately known as Delhi Belly in the UK. I’ve idea why or how I became ‘poorly’ but between here; Palermo Hollywood and Town, I now know all the choice spots to head to should one find themselves short on Subte D, though that post is for another day!

Yesterday, I ended up taking myself to the German Hospital (Hospital Aleman) – a couple of blocks away from Pueryrredon (Subte D.) and I was thoroughly impressed by the whole experience. On arrival, I joined a shortish queue and when I spoke with the woman I was relived that she spoke English – I’m day two in my Spanish course and don’t yet know the Spanish for gaucho gut! I explained that I needed to see a Doctor ASAP, I paid $165ish pesos and was told to wait for twenty minutes…

The reception was packed there was absolutely no way I was going to be seen within a couple of hours.

Nineteen minutes later I’m being called through to speak with the Dr!

Went through my situation and was told that I would need a couple of tests (I won’t go into detail) and to present myself at the laboratory.

They saw me straight away.

Tests completed – I then saw the Dr approx 90 minutes later to be told that the tests were fine though he subscribed me a weeks course of antibiotics. All in, it took 3 hours and cost about $500 pesos (£80!) I was seen almost immediately, by English-speaking staff, 2 tests carried out with results back – unbelievable!

I’ve been very impressed by the whole experience, if a little embarrassing talking about it here, though I’m sure someone might benefit from this post and if not this one, then my forthcoming Bog Guide for Buenos Aires…


3 Responses to “Gaucho Gut”

  1. Guess, you’re on Cipro no? That was a life saver when I was travelling.

  2. Like with all antibiotics you need to finish the full course. I start to feel better within hours but you need to kill off all the bugs or they will come back stronger and pissed off.

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