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Las Canitas, another thumbs up for el Primo and more Street Art…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on January 2, 2011

Last night saw us again in the small barrio of Las Canitas and whilst we thought about eating at a different Parrilla, the fact that El Primo was yet again packed to the rafters, all of whom were locals and that all the other restaurants were empty, saw us heading back for another truly memorable meal.

Joining us were Claus and Christiana and their Son, Alexis.

The main thoroughfare is a really cool street called Baez and its here where all the bars and restaurants are located. According to various books and Alexis (has been based here for a couple of years now) Baez is a very traditional area for Portenos which means very few tourists and being 10 minutes walk from Ministro Carranza (Subte D) is definitely worth a visit – though do bear in mind, it’s very quiet before 10pm!

El Primo  is fast becoming my favourite place to eat in this area of Buenos Aires, the ambiance is second to none and the Bief is the best I’ve had so far. I think the fact that it’s also 10 minutes walk from our apartment meaning we’re not taking the hot subte in to town is perfect. Last night I had Bief de Lomo – wow is all I can say, the best!

On the way down, I captured the following pieces:

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2 Responses to “Las Canitas, another thumbs up for el Primo and more Street Art…”

  1. jon said

    Impressive stats on your blog mate. With such viewing figures the guys at WordPress could have been forgiven for believing that you had set up a sordid story blog.

    Have you started your language course yet and if so, how was it?

    • Must admit to be quite surprised (though very chuffed) as well!

      All going good – today saw us starting our Spanish course which meant getting up at 7am this morning though all good. Mind you, I did panic as the lesson is in Spanish and I didn’t have a clue, nor did the rest of the class so we were fine!

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