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El Primo, Las Canitas

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 26, 2010

Trainline seperating Palermo Hollywood and Las Canitas

Rather than head into San Telmo (again) Shelley and I checked out the Barrio next door to Palermo Hollywood and very pleased we  are too. Las Canitas is several blocks wide with Polo fields at one end a railway line at t’other. Boutique bars, shops and cafes, it’s certainly very well heeled.

By all accounts, Las Canitas is well known by Portenos with very few tourist or ex-pats visiting.

The main thoroughfare is a street called Baez 302 and on this street is several Parrillas, Pizza Joints, Sushi, a Dutch Pub and several other watering holes.

By chance we checked out El Primo – I say by chance, this place was rammed so it made sense to follow the locals and check it out. I felt sorry for the restaurant opposite which had several waitresses stood outside, bored to tears with no customers!

Inside El Primo, Las Canitas

El Primo is a big place – by the time we arrived it was already buzzing with a nice mix of families, young couples and single sex groups, all chatting and enjoying their lunches. Shown to a table, we settled in for the long haul though having said to Shelley a couple of days before that I’d eaten too much beef since we arrived, saw me order Beef with Fries plus 2 fried eggs!

Shelley went for the half portion of pork along with a mixed salad.

Being quite warm we also shared a bottle of a very crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Coupled with eggs the beef was superb – at 38 pesos (just over £6) just the best. The pork dish, given it was a half portion could well have fed three very hungry people and we ended up bringing most of it back to our apartment. We had a really lovely lunch at El Primo, the staff were really wonderful, attentive and very attractive which Shelley quickly noticed!

Not remembering the word for ‘rare’ saw me moo’ing at the waitress, which I think they enjoyed.

Shelley found my antics cringe worthy at best!


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