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El Bonpland, Bonpland y Soler, Palermo Hollywood

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 24, 2010

The crew at El Bonpland

Used to be 400gms of Ribeye!

Three blocks from our apartment, on Soler y Bonpland, is this family run parrilla – El Bonpland, they have also reccently celebrated their second anniversary. Yesterday, Shelley and Christiane did what ladies do and headed into Palermo Soho for a spot of lunch and to be pampered! 

So with time on my hands I thought about lunch and finally getting round to checking out El Bonpland.

Only it was closed for lunch!

So home I came, had a picante pot noodle, several pieces of fruit and a large packet of cheesy wotsit types of crisps. imagine my surprise when Shelley rolled in at 7pm, looking very beautiful and suggesting we head to Bonpland for dinner…

mmmm Spanish Omelette...

Arriving early (for Portenos at least) we were shown our table though quickly opted to sit outside due to heat coming off the Parrilla – they did have the air con on though the entrance was wide open so wasn’t very effective. The restaurant was very nice inside. As mentioned, a large Parrilla with several meats already cooking, a dozen or so tables, bare brickwork and black walls, mostly black chalkboards – all very cool.

For starters we had the Provoleta, a local round cheese which is baked on the Parrilla, this with a mixed salad was a great way to start our meal. Not willing to break with tradition I opted for the 400gm of Ribeye – Shelley being Shelley and on her ‘save-the-cow’ tip first ordered Ravioli before settling for a Spanish Omelette…

The  beef was fantastic – I’d heard a rumour that the beef at Bonpland is so soft that they give you a spoon rather than a fork to eat with, alas this wasn’t the case and not sure how I would’ve felt, eating my main course with a spoon! One of the best steaks so far (still not a patch on El Desnivel but close!) Very juicy, melt in the mouth steaks and coupled with a very good 2009 Malbec, it was a perfect meal, not more than 200m from our apartment.

Definitely worth a visit.


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