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23rd December 2010: Alert for Heat in City, Buenos Aires*

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 23, 2010

Todays Buenos Aires Herald states:

* Apologies for the gratuitous photo of women sunbathing, in the snow

“The National Weather Bureau (SMN) issued a ‘Yellow Alert’ yesterday in response to the blistering heat wave which is affecting the city and Greater Buenos Aires, as thermometers recorded midday highs of up to 35 degrees Celsius.  The public was advised by the Health Ministry to take measures in order to avoid dehydration and sunstroke, as the City experiences extremly high temperatures with predictions as high up as 37 degrees for today.


The heat wave should come to an end tomorrow, Christmas Eve, when temperatures are expected to be in the region of 33 degrees Celsius.”

Happy Christmas Everyone!!


One Response to “23rd December 2010: Alert for Heat in City, Buenos Aires*”

  1. Shelley said

    I did wonder how long it would take Craig to start putting pictures of naked women up!

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