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Learning Spanish

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 22, 2010

Following a very good recommendation, yesterday saw us handing over US$1440 to Vamos Spanish Academy, ready for our language course starting in the New Year – prior to our course starting (and it being the festive season) we’ve decided to spend these next two-weeks enjoying Buenos Aires, doing the tourist thang before knuckling down in 2011, we now need a good Tango class…

Vamos Spanish Academy looks perfect for our needs, being  four stops on the Subte and a brief five minutes walk from Bulnes station.  Class ratio is the best we’ve seen as there’s only 6 students per Teacher – other places have classrooms of 20 plus students so at Vamos there’s nowhere to hide!

For US$1440 we have 20 hours of lessons per-week over the next five weeks, a 100 hours in total. Starting 0830 – 1330 Monday to Friday, all course material and access to the various socials that they organise. It does seem a very slick operation and we’re very much looking forward to starting on January 3rd 2011!


5 Responses to “Learning Spanish”

  1. jantango said

    Your brain is going to be on overload in the language classes. I suggest holding off on trying to take tango lessons at the same time. You’ll want to have time just to relax and enjoy seeing the city.

    At that price, I hope it includes lodging.

  2. Thanks for popping by!

    re the Tango and Spanish lesson, we’re going for the ying & yang approach, hopfully we’ll find the right balance. The cost for our Spanish course does seem quite cost effective – we’ve heard/read good reviews, the classes are at the appopriate size and it does look much the better option – it works out to just under US$8 per hour, per person.

    Will report back as to how we get on…

  3. jantango said

    It all depends on the level of others in the class. If you’re all starting from the beginning with no knowledge, it may work out fine.

    You put out lots of money upfront without knowing if you like the teacher and can make it through 20 hours a week for five weeks.

    January and February is probably the easiest time to find a private teacher to come to your apartment for individualized classes.

    Buena suerte!

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