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My kinda place…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 21, 2010

Again, we found ourselves in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires – not sure why though the end of our Subte is about five minutes from Defensa and though touristy we do enjoy the run down style of the place. We also stumbled across a really wonderful Parrilla, initially we walked on by as we thought it a little too local and it was as we headed back that we stopped to look in.

I am so glad we did!

Desnivel Parrilla

There’s nothing flash about Parrilla Desnivel, Defensa 855 – San Telmo. A quality old skool ‘bistro’ – formica tables, odd shape chairs, mix of cutlery and a 50/50 split of locals and tourists. The place itself could do with a good scrub – though this is not an issue as one of my favourites in London to eat is Wong Kei and if you eat there, you’ll eat anywhere.

Shelley, thoroughly disinterested in all things cow, ordered a chicken in breadcrumbs – by all accounts it was very good (tasted as chicken does, chickeny…)

Having had steak three times I thought for a change I’d go for the steak again!

Now, I had steak in a really great restaurant (la Cabrera,) Steak Ribs last night at Miranda which is local to our place here in Palermo though neither were as good as the one I’ve just had at Desnivel, it was superb. A lovely thick cut of beef, wonderfully juicy and the taste was superb – the knife cut through it like butter, it was that good. Coupled with Chimichurri and an ice-cold beer, I was in heaven.

Best beef so far...

Bearing in mind that the Beef in the other two restaurants cost 70 pesos excluding wine (approx £10 / £12) my whole meal today including a litre of beer was 40 pesos, roughly £6.50!


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