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Palermo Viejo

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 19, 2010

Adjoining Palermo Hollywood is Palermo Viejo or as it’s normally known, Palermo Soho.

Its a lovely place to while away a few hours exploring the various bars, restaurants and fashionable boutiques.

Courtesy of Alexis (son of Christiana and Claus) we’ve found a lovely French owned restaurant cum bar just on the outskirts of Soho. Located on the corner of Goritti y Araoz, is ‘a nos amours’ and having been back a couple of times we’re getting to know a few of the locals. Good food, all organic and the owner, a Parisian called Constantine, chooses the wine which is mostly from small vineyards/supplier and mostly organic. Being English, we asked Constantine to suggest a wine and he duly chose a Chardonnay for us.

I hate this grape, whenever I drink this wine it causes me to wince, pull faces – I even call the stuff Smiler due to the pained expression it causes me! However, the one we tried was excellent – I ended up having three bottles and became quite merry! The one we tried was a Miguel mas Chardonnay 2008, ugnic ‘San Juan’ quite a cloudy wine but very crisp and extremely moreish!

We’ve also eaten here and can highly recommend the food. Unlike some of the places we’ve eaten in, the portions are perfect, last night five of us ate there and each of us cleared our plates which we were unable to do a couple of days earlier in La Cabrera – it was a shame to see so much food go to waste.

Definitely worth a visit.


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