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We’re in Palermo, Buenos Aires!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 16, 2010

Palermo Hollywood

We joined the Ship, Grande Francia on the 15th November 2010.

Yesterday, Fabio (2nd Officer,) whilst docked in Zerate suggested that we might want to break our voyage three days early and so begin the next part of trip… Whilst we’ve nothing against Zarate we were told that there’s nothing there of interest, the port itself is on the river which in turn is infested with mosquitoes and the river apparently has river piranhas!

Also, on joining the river (just after we saw Buenos Aires) it took a good 6 or so hours to reach the port whereas a taxi back would take less than 90 minutes…

Our sitting room in BsAs

A quick couple of emails to Andrea of (who has been really excellent and has found us quite a nice apartment in a cool part of town,) saw us quickly making the decision to leave the ship and we touched down so to speak at approx. 2100hrs last night.

All our fellow passengers were very cool though I’m sure some of them were green with envy at our leaving them to endure another three days alongside in Zarate – to be fair, they would also have joined us only they had vehicles on board and due to paperwork they were on for the full trip. We’ll definitely keep in touch as they were all very interesting and we’re very much looking forward to hearing their stories following their trips.

We said goodbye to our two stewards, Francesco and Ronaldo – both were very warm individuals and looked after us whilst aboard. We also said cheerio to our chef Nicola, he is a really great guy – makes great pasta and wa a real gent during our whole voyage. 

Very briefly, we met with Andrea – paid the rest of our deposit and dumped our bags and headed straight out…

Tango in San Telmo on our first day

First thoughts, Palermo Hollywood is a very cool part of town with some lovely looking restaurants, pizzerias and bars, lots of very beautiful people (girls!) – all within five minutes of our apartment. Hungry for a good meal, somewhere local – a parilla maybe or a little authentic ‘local’ bar… we toured the area before deciding on…. yep, a good old Indian Curry – chicken tikka followed by chicken karhai along with rogan josh, 2 garlic naans and a couple of cool beers!

Today is the 16th December and its Trip plus One and we’re very happy!


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