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Routine on Board

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 8, 2010

With each day being the exactly the same as the day before, you very quickly find yourself settling into a routine with ours starting at 7.45am which is when we get up and go for breakfast. Breakfast is mostly a subdued affair mainly due to our quaffing too much wine during dinner the previous night and my being a grumpy git first thing!

Whilst having breakfast, Francesco our new Steward, (Elberto left the ship whilst docked in Antwerp – having been at sea for nine months he’s finally heading back to Manila on three months leave,) tidies our room.

Following breakfast we spend time chatting with Claus, Christina and Philip before heading back and readying ourselves for our daily toil in the ‘gym.’ I say gym, it’s very basic; there’s table tennis, a football machine, rowing machine, free weights (some,) and two exercise bikes, neither of which work! We spend half an hour or so exercising, mainly playing table tennis and building up a little sweat (Shelley has embraced my training regime and is cracking on with minimal moaning and lots of effort) though I’ve decided to pick up a skipping rope whilst in Le Havre so I can skip up on the deck though I’ll obviously wait until we’re further south and there’s more sun, less wind and rain.

We then shower and it’s a case of relaxing in our room or wandering the ship.

Lunch is at 11am though for Philip (American) it’s 11:15am due getting to getting continually lost on his way to the Galley – to be fair there’s a couple of lefts and a right and all the corridors look exactly the same!

Following lunch its back to our rooms – I tend to have a quick snooze for an hour or so before Shelley and I crack on with our Spanish course. We’re using Coffee Book Spanish which is excellent and also free of charge from iTunes – we downloaded the whole course (60 plus 15/20 minute lessons) prior to leaving London and we’re progressing well, Shelley more so.

Dinner at 18:00 is the best meal of the day. Nicola (Naples fella) is a very good cook – he also has a very impressive handlebar moustache which coupled with his scary eyes, has quite a stereotypical ‘Chef’ look about him – crazy look, big hands and big gut!

He’s been on board for four months now.

Claus (German) is continually asking Nicolafor wine, particularly when we’re in Port and for some reason it’s always against the rules to buy wine whilst berthed- though this never stops Claus from enquiring and this is generally met with mock anger from Nicola.

Philip the American speaks several languages and we’re told this each and every day; during breakfast, lunch and dinner! He’s a good chap; a trained Pianist and a big wig in some University back home in the States! Philip has three daughters, one of whom has been living in Brazil for several years and is meeting him in Buenos Aires before heading south to Patagonia.

Claus and Christina (Germans’) are meeting their Son; he’s has been living in Buenos Aires for several years now, working on his PHD. We’re hoping to meet them once settled in BsAs. Claus is a great chap – He looks like Kirk Douglas (minus the chin dimple,) and has a great expression whenever he is not sure what Philip is referring to and gets very animated (and Red) when excited about a particular subject, which is mostly wine and whether we’re able obtain a whole bottle (or two) from Nicola to have alongside our evening meal!


4 Responses to “Routine on Board”

  1. Renee King said

    I am loving your updates….good stuff. Loved the comment about Phillip…not surprising….we yanks love to brag. lol Thanks for the tip about the itunes language course. Outstanding!

    • Hi Renne – wow that was quick!

      We´re having a truly great time and at this very moment I´m downtown Rio and updating like crazy – surely theres more to do than this, so will finish shortly and head out for a very cold cocktail!

  2. jon said

    I’m concerned for you already mate. What with all that eating, so much sleeping and little exercise you must be putting the pounds on. Your ref to skipping goes some way to explaining why the English coast is being battered by such heavy waves. Can you not wait and skip in port????

  3. With your being on the south coast, I´m sure theres some counter balancing going on!!

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