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Crossing the Equator

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 8, 2010

Disappointingly the ship did not hold any celebration for our crossing of the Equator even though during an initial briefing we were told that there would be some form of acknowledgment, maybe it was too late.

Whilst the rest of the passengers went to bed, Shelley and I decided that regardless we would go above deck and honour Neptune. Not sure of what to do, we ensured our hip flask of whiskey was in attendance!

At about 2315hrs we duly filled the sink up in our cabin, pulled the plug and indeed, the water did swirl anti-clockwise as it drained from the sink – the equator had been crossed! Heading up to deck we called in to the bridge and confirmed this fact with the duty watch-keeper, taking several photos.

Our Position, just after crossing the Equator

Outside, with the night sky totally black though full of stars, we hugged, toasted each other and took a huge sip of whiskey!

Just crossed!

We made our offering to Neptune, tipping a wee dram in to the sea – though I forgot one of the major rules of being on board (not peeing in to the wind…) The whiskey, on leaving the hip flask duly flew back in to our faces and almost blinded Shelley, very funny!


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