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Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 8, 2010

Chef Nicolas preparing fresh pasta with sous

Nicola the Chef is a legend!

Each day he is up from 4’ish AM with his working day finishing sometime around 10/11 PM.

He cooks for all, approximately 50 including us passengers – plus the Filipinos get a different menu from the rest of the crew and passengers. Each day, he makes fresh bread from scratch and also, fresh pasta!

As I’d never seen pasta made I asked whether he minded me watching the process and early one morning I joined him in the galley…

By 6.45AM, he already had the breads in the oven, the lunchtimes Beef Shanks already bubbling away in a rich tomato sauce on the hot plate and following his first cigarette of the morning we started making the pasta for lunches’ tagiletelle.

Into the mixer went four parts flour, 24 eggs, 1 part semolina, salt and a little water – all of which was left mixing for about 15/20 minutes though Nicola was continually adding more flour, a touch more semolina or more water, until it was just right!

Once happy with his pasta ball, he split into two pieces and added mashed spinach into the mix (thus making green tagilettle!) Nicola then went through the process of rolling the pasta in ever decreasing thickness until happy and then set about making the tagiletelle.

All in, the process took a whole hours work and I must admit to being very impressed, granted it’s a straight forward process however, this was just one element of our lunch and he could quite easily have used dry pasta (which he does with Penne etc.) Nicola the Chef makes his tagiletelle fresh.

And all the better it is because of this!


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