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Big Brother Arrives

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 8, 2010

Overnight we sailed from Antwerp to Le Havre in France taking in the White Cliffs of Dover as we passed England off the Starboard side – this was an exciting time for Shelley and me as we could now use our phones to update blogs/send emails through to friends!

During the early hours we arrived in port and we’ve been alongside for the last several hours whilst waiting for the nod to go ashore.

We’ve had four more passengers join the ship, all of whom we’ve just met for lunch…

The first are a German couple from Bavaria – the Guy is huge, he looks very much like the Welsh prop and Captain Caveman! Along with his Wife, they’ve been travelling the World in their converted van and like us are heading to Buenos Aires and further afield.

The other couple are French, Pierre and Theresa – a little quiet, certainly compared to the Bavarians though no doubt very nice. Again, they’re also heading to Buenos Aires though as yet we’re not too sure of their on-going plans.

Our other two guests are independent of each other; one is a middle aged French chap and the other is an Italian guy, probably the same age as Shelley and I. Andrea (Italian) also speaks Spanish which Philip has picked up on…

It’s very amusing though.

Following lunch our Group, the first (!) Germans, American, Indian and I) left the Galley and we were all very quickly gossiping about our recently joined fellow passengers!

Claus became quite animated particularly with regards to the Bavarian’s van and led our merry group of gossipers out on to the deck to seek out said van!

I’ve just me the Bavarian on deck, our conversation went something like:

Bav: Are you German?
Me: No, I’m from London…
Bav: Ah, I’m from Bavaria and we call you people from England ‘Island Monkeys!!’

It really does feel like we’ve had new housemates join the ‘house’ and at this stage, a sense of us and them is in place though no doubt this will change following this evening’s meal (and wine!)


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