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Abandon Ship *You mean you crap out of the window…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on December 8, 2010

Only the Captain can give the order, ‘Abandon Ship.’

Abandon Ship!

On hearing the alarms and the order to ‘Abandon Ship’ you meet at the muster point carrying your survival bag containing your wet suit, with whistle and torch.

Wearing you helmet and also life jacket. You’re also told to bring with you as much water as possible and if you can, food, though by far the most important is the water – you will die within one week due to lack of water whereas you can go without food for thirty days.

Each life raft accommodates 46 people – it resembles a submarine if truth be told and it’s very cramped inside. The engines are checked every Sunday; the life boat is able to sustain you for a period of several weeks. They contain; mechanical equipment, fishing equipment, various flares, high calorie biscuits and water. Interestingly, on joining the life boat each man is given and made to take a sea sickness tablet, even the old salty sea dogs!

Not because of sea sickness but because of water retention – you puke, you lose water!

(*As in Blackadder – this year’s life boat has all the mod cons, the toilet is self-flushing and has a several foot drop, you literally crap out the window, into the sea!)


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