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Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on November 27, 2010

I have several posts though lacking in time!

Currently we are in Dakar, we sat off the coast for almost 24 hours yesterday not sure if we would actually get ashore though last night we managed to go out with several crew members.

One night in Dakar

The “Bar” we went to was for lonely sailors, many pretty girls and lots of white guys – Shelley pulled, quite a nice guy though very challenged in the height deparment, photos to follow…

I do have several posts to add though pushed for time – next stop is Conakry then Freetown before we spend 9 days crossing the Atlantic to Brasil.


6 Responses to “Dakar”

  1. Missing you guys. Now used to the bike, though haven’t been out on it for the last couple of days as there is snow all over the shop. Take care. col

    • Good to hear from you – we´ve heard that the weather isn´t too good!

      Here it´s roasting and I´m about to see the sights of Rio as we´ve a nine hour leave pass…

  2. Andrew said

    All the best for your trip, hope you guys have a blast. I am slightly concerned about what tales will follow judging by the naked photos of what I presume was before you’d even left?!

    • Ah yes – Not sure how to remove that one, guess we need to upload more phots to Flickr!

      Been awesome so far with plenty of phots to follow, some interesting ones of young Shelley too!

  3. Suds Bahadur said

    Found the damn email eventually with all your details on it ! Hope Shelley and you are having a fab experience. V jealous of your trip.

    • Hi Sudha – lovely to hear from you and thanks for popping by. So far it´s been more that we expected and really enjoying ourselves. Will be positng up a much fuller update once we´re settled in Buenos Aires so till then – Hasta Pronto!

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