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Canary update

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on November 23, 2010

Apart from the brief storm in the Bay of Biscay, the oceans have been totally flat and the further south we go the much warmer it is becoming. 

At the moment we’re approaching the Canary Islands and the ship will be sailing between mainland Africa and the Islands (I’m able to log on using my phone network…)

We’ve totally lost track of time as I’m not sure ifthis is our second, third or fourth day at sea however life is very chilled out and very much enjoying life on board.

Last night and this morning during sunset/rise some of the passengers saw dolphins – though I’m yet to see any.

Think we’re in Dakar on the 25th.

We’ve been told that Conakry and Freetown are ‘at our own risk’ and Grimaldi take no responsibility should we choose to go ashore in either place…

I’m quite looking forward to seeing the sights!

Update: we can see the Canary Islands off the starboard side abd in the last thirty minutes we’ve seen a pod of dolphins and several groups of sea lions.

Also, we’ve just been onto the bridge and given a guided tour – all very cool m, currently on auto-pilot (sailor?) with a current spred of 18.5knts.


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