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Passing by

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on November 18, 2010

We’ve been travelling since Monday and we’re really enjoying ourselves. Yesterday we spent in Antwerp which was interesting – though cannot tell whether Belgium’s wish they were Dutch, French or German, a strange bunch of people!

Currently passing the White cliffs of Dover and my phone works – hence this quick post. Thank you all for your comments, will respond soon.

Does seem odd that after four days we can still see England!


5 Responses to “Passing by”

  1. Jon said

    Did you not study geography at school, Buenos Aires is a small, shitty little rock that forms Britain’s smallest island lies off the south west coast at the western tip of the Scilly Isles. Buenos Aires Rock is also classed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest built-on island in the world. In fact, the only building is a lighthouse, as there isn’t room for anything else – definitely no room for your expanding gut!! To the west of Buenos Aires Rock, there’s no more land till the American coast, so it bears the full brunt of Atlantic gales. The lighthouse was built with great difficulty – the first one was washed away in 1850 before it could be used. An enormous wave once snatched away the 550lb fog bell – you had better stay aboard the ship, you too could be ‘snatched’!!!!!. The island has not been inhabited since 1992 when the last Royal Marine gave up lighting the candle in the lighthouse and it became fully automated.

  2. Quality though no time to respond as England is peeling away! Hope you’re well – due to arrive Le Havre at midnight and hope to get ashore tomorrow.

    Apparently risk of kidnap in conkary and Freetown – do we go ashore on the hope of becoming filmstars??

    • Jon said

      Send Grid and I’ll ensure the kidnappers are in place with a film crew, make-up and wardrobe are in tow. In the meantime, I’ll give Max Clifford a call and get the publicity machine ready to roll. Just make sure you only go with the kidnappers with long blonde hair, big chests and long legs. Any others are down to Dave F and likely to be crooked!!!

  3. Jac ko said

    Enjoy your sea time Royal and try to keep your clothes as well. Have a good trip and be lucky. Taking a page out of your book and off to Oz for 12 months in Jan.

    Will be tracking your trip so keep the updates coming.

    Jacko and Legs

    • Hi Jacko – great to hear from you mate and pleased you guys are heading overseas. Currently sat in Rio enroute to Buenos Aires though we´re about 48hrs delayed. Thought we might stop at Acenscion but passed in by – wonder whether Í´m a man…´is still there…

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