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First few days…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on November 17, 2010

Joining the ship was surprisingly easy – our cab dropped us off, literally next to the ship. We walked up the gang plank and introduced ourselves to the guy stood there. Took the lift up to the twelfth floor and shown to our room.

As yet, we’ve had no safety briefing or indeed any instructions as to what we can and cannot do. The crew are all very nice and friendly, continually greeting us as we pass by them in the corridor. It very much is a working ship and we are their guests and pretty much left to our devices. Elberto is the Steward, it’s his job to serve us dinner in the Galley, tidy our rooms and be on hand for any questions we might have

Our room is called the ‘Armatore’ – the Owners Cabin and is essentially two rooms, one of which has a queen sized bed the other has a desk, sofa, all very comfortable. We also have two windows.

Our room is the only room to have a bath!

At the moment there are three other guests, two Germans; Christina and Klaus and one American, a chap called Philip. They’re a nice bunch though Shelley and I are a good twenty, possibly twenty five years younger than them.

By all accounts a group of French passengers will be joining us in Le Havre, though this is not for several days.

The food is very good.

Last night we started with a Pea Soup which was followed by Sliced Aubergine. Main course was Pork Chop which was delicious then fruit and coffee. Apart from breakfast, you receive a carton of white wine with your meal. Last night we also purchased a couple of bottles of Italian red at 6.50euros and sat up with Christina and Klaus, finishing our evening with very nice Irish single malt whiskey!

We’ve been on board for 24 hours now and are soon to arrive in Antwerp and we’ve been told that we have about 36 hours before we leave so Shelley and I are heading into town for the night…


One Response to “First few days…”

  1. Jon said

    Sick with envy. Wishing you guys a great time.

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