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Slow travel…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on November 13, 2010

Taking a cargo ship got me thinking about other ways to see World, rather than flying A to B as quickly as possible!

In North America and Canada there’s a whole group of people who ‘train-hop’ literally jumping on a freight train and crisscrossing the continent – how cool is that?

Train Hopping!


Some of these trains are 3km long and travel from one coast t’other.

I really want to do this!!


2 Responses to “Slow travel…”

  1. Bibby said

    The term Hobo refers to a person that rides the trains often homeless or migratory workers.

    Colleen took the girls on a train ride from Denver to San Francisco a couple of years ago. Views were amazing!

    Don’t forget the Greyhound Bus! I keep looking for an excuse to take a Greyhound bus across county!

    • Hi Bibby – good to hear from you!

      I really like the idea of the ‘hobo’ trip – crisscrossing the US with no real fixed destination though not to sure as to Shelley’s keeness!

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