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Departure is confirmed!

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on November 13, 2010

Spoke with Tilbury Docks yesterday and we’ve been given our joining details, we report this Monday, 1300hrs!

Having had our departure date put back several times – at one stage we really did think that we’d be here for Christmas and taking up Jon’s offer and Christmas with them, again! We’re now in a state of disorganised panic; we’re talking to two or three rental companies in Buenos Aires and whilst we have two or three options for accommodation though we’re yet to go firm on anything and come Monday evening, we’ll have no internet access and will be on Radio Silence until mid December!

The last four weeks have been a bit of a blur and we’ve caught up with so many friends (sometimes two or three times!) But it’s been great to see everyone and several have promised to visit whilst we’re away….


2 Responses to “Departure is confirmed!”

  1. Olga Izmaylova said

    Bon Voyage!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an amazing experience to look forward to. You guys are so lucky!

    Have the best time! Looking forward to all the pictures and updates on your travels.


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