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Grande Francia, confirmed schedule

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on October 26, 2010

Just received confirmation from Grimaldi regarding our itinerary, detailed here:

Date Port
12 Nov Tilbury
14 Nov Antwerp
15 Nov Le Havre
22 Nov Dakar
25 Nov Freetown
03 Dec Rio De Janeiro
04 Dec Santos
07 Dec Montevideo
10 Dec Zarate
11 Dec Buenos Aires

4 Responses to “Grande Francia, confirmed schedule”

  1. Renee King said

    Sigh…..since I won’t be able to go….you guys have a great time for me! Sniff!

  2. Hi Renee – sorry for posting 😉 …but thank you for your comment…

    It’s finally starting to happen, my wife finishes work this Friday then it’s several leaving parties and we’re off!!

  3. Jon said

    8 days – Freetown to Rio. Make sure you have packed those sickness tablets!!!! It’ll be the longest time you’ve been at sea marine.

  4. I actually think we’re going to be slightly longer at sea as we’ve been told that we’re not allowed to disembark at Freetown. We leave Dakar on the 22nd Nov and arrive Rio on the 3rd Dec. We’ll definitely have our sea legs then!

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