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Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on October 14, 2010

Having spent the last couple of days taking Public Transport to work, I now know how much I’m ready and looking forward to the next twelve months in South America.

London is truly a great city.

We have the very best of everything – best pubs, great nightlife, incredible museums, too many food options – there’s a real buzz and where we lead, all other countries follow. London is so cosmopolitan; I’d recently read that there are 300 different languages spoken in London and the only other place that comes close must be New York (in the sense of what each place has to offer.)

However, having taken the bus this morning (and having two buses not stop due to both being packed solid) and then, being sat on the Walworth Road for thirty minutes due to road works, only to find the tube from Waterloo to Piccadilly, too hot with everyone jammed in like sardines finds me tired of London – the kind of tiredness you get at the end of year / waiting for the new year to start. Tired as you look back over the past year(s) – though with one eye on the New Year and what that might bring…

Today is my penultimate day in the office.

I finish work tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Musings”

  1. Olga Izmaylova said

    “On each of the 16 days of the Olympic Games, Londoners will share public transport and roads with at least 500,000 spectators, 140,000 Games workers and 55,000 members of the ‘Games family’ travelling between competition venues, training sites and accommodation. ”

    This will be your welcome home…..almost!

    • I did also read that roads will be closed for the benefit of VIP, Delegates etc – I feel this be too much for me and may just stay away that little longer!!

      Hope you enjoying Monday 😉

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