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Ideas for life on board

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on October 7, 2010

32 days on board is a long time – granted we’ve several stops along the way, even if one or two are for five or so hours it’ll be a great opportunity to touch terra-firma, shoot in to town (?) explore, eat some food, soak up the atmosphere (hopefully not getting lost in the process and missing the departure – not too sure what we’ll do if that were to happen!!)

We’re already starting to collect movies and we’ve now amassed several titles, the likes of Titanic, The Poseidon Adventure, The Cruel Sea and various other disaster movies.

We’ve got books, mainly focussed on Argentina and South America – plus several Spanish audio courses.

I’m yet to get a short-wave radio (did I mention that I’m soon to be forty….)

And our music is sorted. So we’re all set…

We just need a project; a friend of ours had a great idea his suggestion is whilst writing about our time on board it would be great to have a human element and his suggestion is to take portrait photos of the crew and conduct a short interview or indeed have a questionnaire for completion and then upload on to the blog.

What do you think? We think it’s an excellent idea and will certainly do this.

We’re also open other suggestions so please let me know if you have any ideas!


2 Responses to “Ideas for life on board”

  1. jon said

    remember mate, most ships have sailing orders – all to be aboard 1 hour before departure. On those occasions when you have less than 5 hours I’m not sure that leaves you enough time to find the local equivalent of Wong Kei!!!

    Joking aside, the journal idea sounds great. The only suggestion I have that you try and write it in a 3rd person, almost as if someone were following you. By doing that, you might create a mountain of material that would be useful should you ever feel up to publishing your works.

    • That’s an excellent idea re the journal and third party – will bear that in mind.

      The comment re sailing orders made me smile – almost made me wonder whether they have a similar system as to the RN and having someone at the top of the gangplank, ensuring you wasn’t drunk when coming aboard.

      How we managed to get on board after a night ashore is still a mystery!

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