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Stage 1

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on October 4, 2010

Stage 1 is now complete!

  • We sold our house in Peckham
  • We  bought a house in Brockley
  • Found tenants, who’ve all now moved in and are settled
  • We’ve packed up all of our stuff
  • Two weeks later, we’re still packing our stuff
  • Yesterday, we finally moved out and we’re staying with friends in Herne Hill
  • We have five bags between us
  • As of today, we have 38 days left prior to our setting sail!!!

4 Responses to “Stage 1”

  1. jon said

    Ahhhhh, but do you remember where you put the rope??????

  2. Renee King said

    Thanks so much for dropping by my website and commenting on my freighter cruise article! So, you are actually becoming a travel nomad? I noticed that you are selling your house….I have lots of travel buddies who have done the same and have never looked back. How exciting for you and your wife!! Please be sure to keep us updated on your freighter cruise. I’m interested to know how it turns out. I’ve subscribed to your site so that I won’t miss anything!

    • Hi Renee – lovely to hear from you and thank you for subscribing!

      Indeed, our house is sold (though we did buy somewhere else which is now rented) and we’re soon to be setting sail on our adventure. We’re very much looking forward to it and counting down the days – which if truth be told are dragging!

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