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We are (soon to be) Sailing…

Posted by Cool Your Jets IV on September 20, 2010

Our tickets are booked and we set sail aboard Grande Francia on the 11th November 2010, 8 days after my 40th Birthday!
Why the Cargo ship?
It was about 2 years ago and I’d read the following article in the Guardian newspaper: At the time, I thought that if I ever had the opportunity then this is the way I’d like to travel the World – I’d previously crossed the Atlantic aboard HMS Intrepid whilst serving in the UK Military, which took about 10 days – incredible sunsets, the open sea and a real sense of how huge the planet is. We’d chatted about how we would get to Argentina – a conversation just about flying which is when I’d remembered the above article! Also, having lived and worked in London for the last 15 years we both needed some proper down time, time to relax and prepare ourselves for the year ahead so instead of the 18 hour flight, the lack of seating space, the jet lag we took the plunge and we’re setting sail! 
Rather than go through an agent, we contacted several businesses directly and eventually settled with Grimaldi, who’ve been excellent all the way the through.
We’ve had our injections, Yellow Fever and Typhoid, we’re sorting out our insurance – the ship has space for 12 passengers, any more and they would need a Doctor so its essential you have medical/repatriation cover and then we’re set!
All in, the journey from Tilbury is going take 32 days, via the following countries/ports:
  • Anversa, Belgium
  • Le Havre, France
  • Bilbao, Spain
  • Casablanca, Morocco
  • Dakar, Senegal
  • Conakry, Guinea
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Salvador de Bahia, Brasil
  • Vitoria, Brasil
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Santos, Brasil
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
We’ll be in each port for approximately 6 to 18 hours – which will be just enough time to grab the back pack, pick up the camera and wander in to town – grab some food and check out the local vibe, it’s going to be a great adventure…
A good friend of ours, Clive, found the following newspaper cutting re the Grande Francia, its our trip and I’m even more excited though I do apologise as it’s from the Daily Mail…

4 Responses to “We are (soon to be) Sailing…”

  1. Kit said

    I reckon you’ll be shanked and tossed overboard by the time you get to Guinea…

    BTW, will you have internet access on the cruise ship, sorry, cargo container?

  2. Not sure as yet!

    We will though have several books, a number of DVDs and a shortwave radio!

  3. TBH said

    It sounds like an awesome trip! I can tell you for sure that the brazilian cities you are going to are all absolutely great (I am biased!). Vitoria is by far the nicest in my opinion… but hey… it sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

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